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Thank you Great Lengths ...
Alexandra, Salesperson:
I really wanted to take the time to tell you how Great Lengths has changed my attitude, my life and my overall sense of well being. About a year ago I received corrective color to try to fix highlights which were not suitable to my liking. Within two weeks I had been in to see a master colorist 5 times to try to mend the poor job. You can imagine bleach on top of more bleach just made a bad situation worse. In Jan 2006 I than received more highlights as well as in April 2006. Within that 6 month time frame my relatively healthy blonde hair had turned porous, course and was literally breaking at the roots. Having said all of this I was also being treated for a slight case of hypothyroidism. One of the effects of this disease is brittle dry hair.
You can imagine the trauma I was experiencing when it came to the point in which the only way I could wear my broken hair was in a slicked back bun. As a sales rep for a specialty pharmaceutical company my confidence and self esteem were slowly diminishing. It was at this time I reached out to Hervé. He easily persuaded me to dye my hair to it's natural state and to try Great Lengths. Knowing hervé has had success with problematic hair I thought why not trust him? In May 2006 I made some lifestyle changes and Hervé put the extensions in my hair. I began a complete transformation and realized because of my thyroid condition the changes I had to make not only needed to come from the outside but from within as well. For the past 6 months I have been wearing Great Lengths and the overall condition of my hair has drastically improved. My hair is healthier now than it was 6 months or even 2 years ago......and my hair is no longer breaking. I will be eternally grateful knowing someone as caring and genuine as Hervé! Great Lengths has truly changed my life.......and the old adage is not true, blondes do not have more fun! Today I can hold my head high and walk with pride knowing I have made a complete transformation from the inside out. People notice me because I am always smiling and I am 100% more confident in my sales position. I truly have a bounce in my step. Hervé, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Great Lengths ...
great lengths extensions

Great Lengths : Top Technology

Great Lengths technology for the application of 100% human hair strands has eliminated the limitations of decades-old technology for extensions. Length, volume or both can now be easily and gently applied without compromising the integrity of your natural strands. Stop dreaming about longer more voluminous hair. Visit a Great Lengths Certified Salon today, and the hair you've always wanted can be yours tomorrow.  .


Great Lengths : Highly selective...

Just as discriminating clients carefully choose your salon, Great Lengths is highly selective in choosing which salons can offer Great Lengths services. Customers are soon comfortable with the fact that Great Lengths services are only available from the world's finest, most respected salons. And designated stylist within these salons have successfully completed the Great Lengths hands-on training program.

Great Lengths : Naturally thich hair

Great Lengths' philosophy is to remedy the lack of thick hair in a way which is as simple as dyeing it if you want to change its colour. Considering the fact that people who do not have a lot of hair generally have very fine hair at the same time, the Great Lengths' programme offers various thicknesses of natural hair strands for attaching to fine hair which can be attached in a practically invisible way


Great Lengths' birthplace is London, one of the world's greatest fashion centres. David Gold, founder of Great Lengths, had set himself the goal to develop a hair extension system as simple to use as cutting or drying. When in 1991 he had developed and patented the Great Lengths principle he had simultaneously discovered the first method of thickening thin and fine hair in a very simple way.

This invention set off a revolution in 1991. For the first time David Gold could offer hair extensions and hair thickening in one system. Great Lengths has become a sign of our times: men - and particularly women - have started preferring non aggressive technical solutions and natural products.

In this context Great Lengths has also been one step ahead from the start: so far no other system has developed a similarly non compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer's own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.

If used properly and professionally, hair extensions may significantly change the way you look and give you the hair you've always dreamed of in no time. Our objective is to provide your hairstylist with the best possible tools in order to achieve this. You will never try another hair extension system after you've lived the Great Lengths experience .

Of course, you may wonder how we attach Great Lengths strands to your own hair. While others use techniques such as welding, waxing, gluing or knotting, which strain and very often damage your hair to a high degree, Great Lengths is based on a much more gentle principle: modulating. We have created an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair. This point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by our Great Lengths applicator and bonds the Great Lengths strand with your own hair in this way. It can, however, be easily removed by an expert!



great lengths hair extension extensions

Most important of all: your own hair is not damaged. This patented attachment of Great Lengths to your own hair offers you perfect freedom in organizing your leisure time and in your freedom of action but in no way compromises the quality of your own hair!

Typical human hair growth is 1cm / month so to achieve lengths of 50cm or more will take more than 4 years. Most people just don't have the time to wait to achieve this look. In addition many people's hair is not capable of surviving the stress and strains needed to achieve these lengths. Thankfully there is a solution. In a matter of hours, with Great Lengths hair extensions, we can give you the length you want.

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