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Curly Extension : Max Volume

What is interesting with a curly hair extension, is that making such hair extensions can make a lot of volume. In no hindrance to the brushing on an extension of curly hair. Hair Extensions behave like curly hair when wet your hair extensions must become frizy again.


Curly Hair Extension & Afro Hair

Hair extension and curly afro hair? You should know that we can possibly wrap hair extensions but they will not be curly or kinky. Clearly if your hair is very curly forget the natural hair extensions. If you are presented with very curly extensions thereof may be made of synthetic hair.

Curly Extension : Long Hair

Hair extensions on wavy hair very long? We recommend to achieve a natural curly hair extension on long hair as it is likely that the loop extensions to relax very rapidly (less than a month) because of the weight of hair. The ideal is not to exceed a length at the chest, for curly hair extensions.


If you have curly or frizzy hair, here are some tips to make your hair extension in the best conditions.

You must be very careful where you make your hair extension. In terms of hair extension 100% natural, there is no hair extensions already curled. This means that your hairdresser will you shut up. And of course there is that very often the galleys start for women who wish to make curly hair extension .

To curl your extensions hairdresser will simply perm. "Simply" is a euphemism, because in reality it is incredibly difficult to get curly hair extensions of quality. Without going into technical detail, note that even for Amaryllis Extensions Paris is known as a big catch of head to get curly extensions. And we know we are one of the few shows in France to put on hair extensions curly hair natural .

We strongly advise you to choose what is best for quality extension. Indeed when we already permanent natural hair, they are always aware. So if you put hair extensions medium quality, and if the hairdresser really wants to make the full extension, they will be a dismal quality after having permed .


Some basic rules for your curly hair extension :

  1. You only can get qualitycurly extension on dark hair (black and brown). If you'r blonde forget curly hair extension !
  2. It is true that most hair extensions are naturally slightly wavy and soft. If you have really curly hair and the hairdresser tells you that the natural curl extensions enough, you should go elsewhere ...
  3. The thing is irrefutable: curly extensions arise on a hair curly. Clearly if you do blow dry before you put your extensions will be so stiff, and it tells you that when you wash it, your hair is Boulc be based magnificently with extension such as so-called curly hair, frankly fly!
  4. Avoid too long curly extension (above 40 cm, about chest) because the loop extension will relax quickly and you will then very quickly (less than a month) a mismatch between your hair and the extension. .

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Hairdresser Amaryllis Hair Extensions : Great Lengths hair extensions in Paris

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