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Hair Extension : Healthy Hair

Amaryllis Extensions Paris is a guarantee with respect to the quality of your hair.When we will remove your hair extensions, your hair will be departing with the cm more and more quality. With Amaryllis Extension Paris you are sure that your hair will be damaged in any way!


Short on hair extension

Hair extensions do not necessarily synonymous with long. On short hair, with natural hair extension Great Lengths you can change your look. If your hairdresser control the placement of hair extension, your hair extensions will be invisible. And not only when you leave the salon..

Extension : + that make the difference

+ care to the desires of our customers, more choice for the color of your hair extension, + care in the removal of your hair extensions, + tips for maintaining your hair extension + years of experience in the field of hair extension, + + smiles and so much more ...


There are a lots of rumors about hair extension. Some are so far from the truth that we could nominate them for an Oscar urban legends! In response to some hairdressers who are sometimes sellers before real advisers, it is for the client, to make a difficult choice really notice ...

My hair will not grow if I do hair extensions? Myth.

Your hair will continue to grow as usual. And hair extension do not affect hair growth. When you remove your hair extension after several months, you should, in principle, you end up with the same hair before embellished a few centimeters more. .

Hair extension can damage your hair? Myth & Fact.

If you do hair extension of excellent quality by hairdressers very seriously, you'll have no problem. The concern is that today as yesterday, very few hairdresser working with good hair extensions. And those who work with good bits, let alone know how to work the extension in the rules of art. For as in haute couture, high-end hair extension is to provide a handmade piece by piece that requires dexterity and precision. It should allow designers exercise any creativity and the client to leave with a sublime and unique results

Hair extensions require regular maintenance with an hairdresser ?Myth

Some salons offer a monthly maintenance of your hair extension to achieve only home. Maintenance is normally free. Know that real quality hair extension are not correctly installed require no maintenance living. For example in Amaryllis, you do your hair extension
and then as they say you peak your life ... No special maintenance except regular brushing you top yourself.

The Hair used for hair extensions belong to dead persons ? Myths

Fair extensions are either natural (hacked off living people ) or synthetic..

There are some hair extensions systems with whom we do not feel the extensions even when going hand in her hair?

It's beautiful, it makes you dream, it's nice to hear but unfortunately it remains the domain imaginary or false if one wants to be more severe! If in fact hair extensions are invisible when they are placed correctly, you should know that whatever system you use, you (or your baby), your extensions will always feel in your hand through cheveux.

Les systems for laying Extensions do not damage the cold all the hair, unlike the systems poses extensions hot ? Myth.

C'est Buzz marketing, and it is just a sales pitch? " Amaryllis works with both systems for years, and most of our clients who have tried both systems prefer the hot. Do we not say that the consumer is the best? When the damage supposedly qu'occasionnent systems hot, ask our clients to whom we put our extensions hot for years, how are their hair? .

Extension Cheveux

It is very difficult to get hair extensions natural curly blond ?

Les extensions are basically a natural hair that has been recolored and depigmented. Taking the case of bits that represent Great Lengths extensions, we believe, built the highest quality of extensions to the existing world, these strands of extension are naturally slightly wavy. For the curl, so they should be perm. Depigmented hair a perm and color is possible. However hair quality will suffer and you will end up with straw on your head. So imagine for other lower grades of extensions. For example at Amaryllis we refuse to put extensions in shades of blond hair when it comes to very curly as our experience has revealed that the results are often disappointing.

Certaines Trademark hair extensions have dubious origins ? Fact

Outre quality of hair extension that can sometimes be very poor, from the hair extensions, depending on the brand, can sometimes be questionable. This happened to a famous Victoria B. Indeed, for years Victoria proudly wore hair extensions done in a salon in London Ultra-chic. When the BBC has revealed that the supplier hair extensions recovered from children and women trapped in forced labor camps of China Victoria disenchanted ... Given the outrage over the revelations, since it does more to extensions. Regarding the brand Great Lengths, it is the only company in the market that caters directly and transforms his own hair. It can therefore ensure product integrity and quality of hair. (Read the charter Great Lengths ...)

Il is quite difficult to achieve brushings with extensions ?Myth

Si extensions are good, and if they are correctly installed, no problem. The brushing is worked the same way avoiding obviously too hot to hold.

Amaryllis Definitely presents the finest extensions to the world ? Fact

Une loyal customers who practice the extensions for several years, clients who come from all over France, from abroad, a newspaper and complimentary, it is perhaps not a coincidence ... o')

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Hairdresser Amaryllis Hair Extensions : Great Lengths hair extensions in Paris

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