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Prices for human hair extension

If you would like to use human hair extension to thicken your hair, an average amount of extensions would be approximately 50. The cost for an hair extension will depend on the length of your hair. If you would like to consider having real hair extensions for length, the cost really depends upon the finished length and the quantity of extensions necessary. The average lengthening process usually requires between 100-120 extensions for a full head of hair extensions


Hair Extension : Common sens

Today, clients are informed of the risk to them if they want to put hair extensions at low prices. In the field of hair extensions to achieve sustainable results and really satisfactory, it is essential to choose a hair extension system of high quality and use of hair first choice. The quality at a price! Hair extension let you have instant lengths, but hair extension to make your mane thicker too - and tha'that important when humidity and perperpiration make fine locks go limp.

Hair Extension : Attractive prices ?

Many women dream of long hair and natural. Many are those dream of extending hair with natural hair extension. Believe that you can put an hair extension at affordable prices is an illusion. Hair extension is a luxury. Hair extension is to hair what "haute cuisine" is the cathering ! hair salons that pose correctly hair extensions do not need to undercut their prices.


Knowing about hair extension, and when you make various estimates for the eventual realization of your hair extension you will notice that the prices are extremely varied from one event to another. Several criterias will be crucial so that you can find the price you pay for your hair extension : :

  1. What are your criteria requirements for hair extension ?

  2. What is your budget you have for hair extension ?

What budget do you have for your hair extension ?

Important: all that is written after this paragraph is to be taken into account only in the case of an Natural Hair Extension Quality according to the criteria described Amaryllis Extensions Paris footer ( See the criteria ... ).

Keep in mind that quality comes at a price. In short, you'll often for your money. Indeed, it is naive to believe that one can be put to good quality hair extension at ridiculous prices.

Guidelines for use of natural hair extension quality (according to the criteria of Amaryllis, we agree they are high) should keep in mind something crucial. Whatever brand or systems used hair extensions, the time spent to complete a haul of hair extension quality and the withdrawal of your extensions is mostly very nearly the same.

On average it takes for a hairdresser between 4 and 6 hours to complete an installation of full hair extension, and between about 1 / 2 hour and 3 hours to remove the extensions.

For simplicity we will say that it takes in everything (installation and removal) for about six hours a complete and serious about hair extensions.

If you pay a low price for an hair extension. You should know that after deducting all expenses (salaries, purchase price extensions etc ...) the remaining profit for the hairdresser may be ridiculous! And nobody works for the glory ...

So it's pure logic, the less you pay, the better your chance of having problems with your hair extensions. Indeed to restore his margin of profit the hairdresser risk :

  1. Spend less time to put your hair extension, so strong chance that the work is shoddy
  2. To save money on the purchase price of extensions, so strong probability that the quality of your hair extensions is average if not catastrophic
  3. Seek ways to hairdressers enough to ask you hair extensions, (a good hairdresser is expensive, not normal?)
  4. you remove your extensions very quickly, and in this case, it is often fatal and very damaging to your hair 

In terms of hair extension, the problem is that even if you pay rates "normal" is not a guarantee of security ... Never forget that your hairdresser, it is very especially competent and serious and honest, who will carry out your dreams ... Always Bet on reputation, professionalism and competence of the show. If you fall on the so-called gods of the extension, check their references to death!

What are your criteria required for your hair extension ?

As they say, all tastes are in nature. For example, some women, for their color, do not get along when they have 1cm root, while others may stay with the roots of 3 months.

It's the same for a hair extension. If you want to do a hair extension rather fun, and it does not bother you that it shows more or less, and you may not want to keep long, needless to break your piggy bank.

By cons, if you want the best of the best as they say, and that your quality standards are demanding, as they say it will take to break the piggy bank. In this case ask yourself if you can afford your desires …

Amaryllis Extensions

Criteria for the Expansion of Quality Hair Extensions by Paris Amaryllis (we admit that we are extremely demanding ...)

  1. you can wash your hair extensions every day, without the quality of hair extensions or altered.
  2. you should at least be able to keep your hair extensions at least four months.
  3. installation of a complete hair extension, until the beginning of 5th month you should lose a maximum total of between 2 and 10 bits of hair extensions
  4. The wicks used are extensions, before being asked or cut to equal thickness of the fixation point to point. In short, these strands of hair extensions should not be tows.
  5. You need to color your hair extensions, without quality hair extensions or altered
  6. You need to bleach your hair extensions, without quality hair extensions or altered
  7. You need to make brushing your hair extensions every day, without quality hair extensions or altered without losing hair extensions when brushing.
  8. you should be able to perm the hair extensions, without quality hair extensions or altered.
  9. You need to go to the sea and the pool every day, without quality hair extensions or altered.
  10. In all cases regardless of the operations performed on your hair extensions as long as you keep your hair extensions, they must be of the same quality from first to last day.
  11. Your extensions should be smooth, soft to the touch, soft, shiny healthy hair as well as excellent qualities.
  12. In no case should your hair be damaged when you remove your hair extensions.
  13. Your hair extensions should be as easy to comb that hair
  14. With a blow-dry it does not see the difference between your hair and the hair extensions.
  15. By letting it dry naturally your hair extensions, it should not be any difference between your hair and hair extensions, your hair must be natural.
  16. You could in principle use any type of hair care, without which the quality hair extensions or impaired or that they tend to slip.
  17. You do not have a color shift between your hair and your hair extensions, once the installation of finite extension hair. If there is a risk of shifting color, hair color must be adjusted before applying the hair extensions and not the reverse.
  18. We must be able to do hair extensions based on hair strands or méchées very diffuse without any delay
  19. When needed to create effective diffuse highlights, said it should be able to play on different thickness of strands of hair extension. The thickness of the wick to put hair extensions can range from 1 / 2 cm to 3 minutes. (Amaryllis will ask strands of hair extension incredibly thin if necessary, very few shows in the world do ...)

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