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I'm addicted, and go halfway across the globe to make my hair extensions at Amaryllis!...

Karine : Commercial
Karine Commercial: Like a lot of girls, there comes a time in our lives when we dream of finding her childhood long hair . I got it, there was three. At the time following some harsh straightening I was forced to cut my hair quite short. Subsequently, you can probably guess: regrets + how to find a hair of your dreams? = Amaryllis Hair Extensions. We girls afro was used to do lots of things to our hair (weaves, straightening, braids etc ...) but rarely hair extensions in the quality. And indeed it was too funny the first time I did my hair extensions at Amaryllis. I noticed that most of my sisters watched enviously beautiful hair, although they felt there was a trick but they did not know what was the trick. Normal, Amaryllis is not hair extensions two bullets they ask you on the head! The problem is with their hair extensions stuff that are doing so well (I keep teasing them every time, but they deserve it because so far I have never seen a job as well done, and I see a parade of girls who wear hair extensions so-called 100% natural). So now the problem is that I am completely addicted to their hair extensions. The icing on the cake: I recently got a job in Taiwan and now lives there. It's okay for my hair, I'm ready for anything, and traverse half the earth if necessary. ...

great lengths hair extensions

Hair extensions :Fulfill your dreams

Hair Extensions are practically invisible and offer endless possibilities for choosing coiffage. Amaryllis Extensions, know that you wear the best quality hair extensions to the existing world (Great Lengths)and you will enjoy the excellence of our method of attaching hair extensions which has no equivalent on the market. Find finally the length and volume that you are lacking. Designed to measure just for you, that happiness ...

Hair Extensions : Press review

Elle Magazine. "We all want hair extensions .. Amaryllis, a passionate hairstylis team ..."
Radio Nova. "A place of life, it s'applaudit ..."
French TV : Paris première . "Amaryllis Extensions Paris focuses on domestic hair, hair of the soul ..."
Perfect Hair & Beauty Magazine . "Amaryllis Extensions Paris is the reference in France in the field of extending 100% natural hair extensions..."

What is a good hairstylist ?

A good hairstylist must know how to interpret his subject like an actor interprets his lines. First, the hairstylist needs to master and control them, then instead of reciting lines, the hairstylist needs to liberate himself and escape.You must remain true. Our industry is truly magical. Our mission as hairstylist is to correct imperfections and make them beautiful. Hairstylists are illusionists even though I prefer the term  'promoter of natural beauty'. The art of seduction is inexhaustible ! Let's all go a little crazy  !

  She préfèrs les backstages ...
  The cost for hair extensions...

You are looking for good Virgin Hair for your extensions ? Try Okay Hair, they offers the best and finest quality virgin hair extension, no chemically used hair, our best quality hair will give you awesome look and feel.

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Hairstylist Amaryllis Hair Extensions : Hairdressing Salon specialised in hair extensions in Paris

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