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Hair extensions : Can you wait ?

Typical human hair growth is 1cm / month so to achieve lengths of 50cm or more will take more than 4 years. Most people just don't have the time to wait to achieve this look. In addition many people's hair is not capable of surviving the stress and strains needed to achieve these lengths. Thankfully there is a solution. In a matter of hours we can give you the length you want.

Hair extensions : Do like the stars...

If you've never considered hair extensions (perhaps thinking it's only for movie stars and the like) we offer a range of options which should suit most budgets. We can offer only offer 100% real human hair because we found that cheaper synthetic alternatives while good for isolated fashion effects quickly be came tangled and matted - not the look you want.

Hair Extensions : Dream no more !

Dream no more! Hair extensions aren't just for the celebrities of the world, you can have them too! Amaryllis Extensions has been making dreams come true in Paris for many years now.Trust the experts. We offer a full range of human hair extensions, both straight and curly and in a wide range of colours....


Hairdressers who work seriously on extensions, are rare. If you're even notice a single one of the points listed below, we strongly advise you to go elsewhere...

You are proposed an hair extension to less than 450 €? RUN AWAY! Never forget that the extension is the Roll Royce hair. Quality has a price! !

You are proposed an hair extension to more than 1500 €? RUN AWAY! ( Except specials lengths ) should not be abused ...

When you quote hair extensions, well ask what exactly is the total final price ? In indeed, some salon may charge the removal of your hair extensions from 50 to 100 €. And if you do not ask at the begenning, it is the last day that they can announce this delightful surprise.

It tells you that you made a pose for a complete head in less than an hour. RUN AWAY. It takes between 2 and 4 hours for a quality pose .

More and more salons say they are experts in hair extension, but a large majority is particularly expert from cashing your money and shoddy work ... For the client, it is difficult to make his choice, faced with this plethora of 'experts, specialists, gods of hair extension ... An advice, trust your instincts and your common sense. Clearly if you do not feel it, try to find another salon that inspires you more confidence. The other thing is to ask the opinion of Internet forums on women. If nobody has heard of or can not give you a favourable opinion about a salon is being said in specialized hair extensions, it is rather bad sign, and we advise you to go elsewhere. .

Regarding any photos that you will be presented, one word: vigilance. Indeed a superb before / after is often very tempting. But you can do everything with a photo! Here are some pitfalls to avoid: Beware kind of top model's photos, because it is often shootings carried out by the provider of hair extensions. Clearly, the hairdresser who made hair extensions that you see on the model will certainly not one that will make your hair extensions .

You rather choose the photo realised in the salon and wich seems not too retouched. The ideal is to have pictures back, profile and front and after the hair extensions. Close enough so that you can judge the quality of the installation of hair extension. You will find that most of the time, the photos that you do this you can not really see (too far, not enough net, not the same angles and so on ...) of the so-called professionalism that so many salons advocate! As we did an excellent job, we should be proud of the show, and not try to hide some imperfections, is not it ?

They said you that for the maintenance of your hair extension, you must buy a lot of shampoos and other products specially designed for the extension. RUN AWAY! Why should you need specific products for the maintenance of hair that are 100% natural? Clearly, they are adding a max charge and more you are selled, at prohibitive prices, products that do nothing. It is unfortunately a fairly common practice in most hairdressers .

Some salons impose you a monthly maintenance of your hair extensions to be performed only in the salon. Maintenance is normally free (this is the minimum), but they will surely charge the brushing and maybe a salons you impose a monthly maintenance of your care. Ultimately it is for you an final adition rising from 100 to 200 € ... For example with Amaryllis, you get your hair extensions, and then as they say you crest your life ... No particular maintenance If not a regular brushing ridge that you do yourself. Remember that true quality hair extensions   which are well posed,   require no maintenance in a salon.

They said they will be several hairdressers in the same time doing your hair extension in order to gain time. RUN AWAY! This is frankly not very seriously .

Amaryllis  Hair Extensions Extension
Avoid "hairdressers independents", in case of problems, it can be very long and difficult for you to compensate for the injury suffered.

You are told that you can keep for over 8 months your hair extensions on the head, without problem. RUN AWAY. Seriously an hair extension lasts 4 months minimum. After depending on the quality of the installation and life you lead (sports activity, sauna, etc. ...) they can still take 1 to 2 months.

There are currently a company which proposes at attractives prices,   clips extensions'kit to be done be yourself without hairdresser! Mesdemoiselles, before ordering this kit, make sure you have your flies's eyes, in order to be able to see your back, and that of course you're naturally contortionist to performe your own beautiful hair extensions in the neck. Frankly this is 'foutage de gueule!' A little common sense girls ...

Prefer hair extensions by Great Lengths. As far as we are concerned, we believe that these are the best in the market. There are plenty of other processes actually cheaper, but as they say : you will get for your money ...

Sometimes some unscrupulous salons claim to work with Great Lengths and may actually be supplied with hair extensions of lower quality. Do not hesitate to contact Great Lengths which will confirm if they really work with this salon.

if you have any doubts ask yourself why so many major Parisian salons are all working with Great Lengths ? .

Make your extensions at AMARYLLIS EXTENSIONS PARIS this will ensure the best results !
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