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No one ever thinks that they are fake...

Andréa, Communication assistant:
After Hervé N'GOM does the best hair extensions in paris and you can trust me because I've tried them all. The first time I got hair extensions I was referred by a friend. It cost me twice as much as Hervé charged me, took exactly four times as long and hurt very badly. (I actually had to make her stop half-way through my blow-dry).The money that I did spend on hair extensions from Hervé was more than worth it. Now that I've had them done, I'd pay more if he asked me to. They are beautiful, no one ever thinks that they're fake and he tells you how to take care of them, which the other salon didn't. He'll even let you drop-by if you have any questions. If you knew me, then you'd know how hard I am to satisfy and Hervé exceeded my expectations. Two enthusiastic thumbs-up and highly recommended....

hair extensions relooking

Hair extensions : Can you wait ?

Typical human hair growth is 1cm / month so to achieve lengths of 50cm or more will take more than 4 years. Most people just don't have the time to wait to achieve this look. In addition many people's hair is not capable of surviving the stress and strains needed to achieve these lengths. Thankfully there is a solution. In a matter of hours we can give you the length you want.

Hair extensions : Do like the stars...

If you've never considered hair extensions (perhaps thinking it's only for movie stars and the like) we offer a range of options which should suit most budgets. We can offer only offer 100% real human hair extension because we found that cheaper synthetic alternatives while good for isolated fashion effects quickly be came tangled and matted - not the look you want.

Hair Extensions : Dream no more !

Dream no more! Hair extensions aren't just for the celebrities of the world, you can have them too! Amaryllis Extensions has been making dreams come true in Paris for many years now.Trust the experts. We offer a full range of human hair extensions, both straight and curly and in a wide range of colours....


I get so many compliments on my new hair extensions...

Hervé who realised Andréa's hair extensions :
Her natural hair has always been short, and very thin.  We were able to transform her thin hair into a beautiful full head of long, silky, healthy hair, while allowing her grow out her own hair.  After a few hours Andréa is an another girl : " I get so many compliments on how pretty my hair is and they have no idea they're extensions. My hair is full, I can curl it, straighten it and wear it natural and it is so much easier to style. If you are thinking about extensions I say go for you! You won't regret it. Amaryllis you're the best ! "

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Hairstylist Amaryllis Hair Extensions : Hairdresser specialised in hair extensions relooking in Paris

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