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Now I have my top hairdresser that suits me, I folow him anywhere in Paris...

Florianne. Musician :
Paris is perhaps the city in the world where you can find such an huge numbers of barbers and hairdressers. So how is it that there are so many desperate women by their hairdresser? As they say, there is a hairdresser and hairdresser ! Indeed if there are any hairdressers on street corners, get a real good hairdresser or hairstylist is really another matter. I do not know if it's because I'm a pain in the ass but I'm never happy when I leave the hairdresser. But I used an incredible numbers of hairsalons and each time it's the same story when the color suits me I do not like my haircut and vice versa. And make matters worse, when I finally found the hairstylist who handled correctly from my long hair, it left the hair salon + 6 months later. Recently, hairdresser question, it now rides for moi. I have been attended, for more than 5 years, Amaryllis's hairdresser and it's shock's team, that's provided it lasts ....

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Hairdresser in Montmartre...

Welcome to Amaryllis's hairdresser ! Sabine & Bao have created an hairdressing salon that has something Brooklyn Boogie. A team of pro hairdresser, he does it relieve a wild energy, and good humor. For far only focus on the hair you have on your head, Amaryllis's hairdressers also interested in domestic hair, the hair of the soul .....

My Ideal Hairdresser

My perfect hairdresser is talented. It is a hairdresser who understands me. The hairdresser always gets my hair with my express desire of the moment. This makes my hairdresser a cut that is more than two months and I can do myself. The hairdresser is warm and donated empathy. Welcome to Amaryllis ...

Hairdresser in Paris : Press review

Elle Magazine. "We want all extensions ... Amaryllis, a passionnate hairdresser team ..."
French TV : Paris première . "Amaryllis focuses on domestic hair, hair of the soul ..."
Perfect Hair & Beauty Magazine . "Amaryllis'hairdressers are the reference in France in the field of extending 100% natural hair ..."

What do they think about Amaryllis's hairdressers ...

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What is a good hairstylist ?

A good hairstylist must know how to interpret his subject like an actor interprets his lines. First, the hairstylist needs to master and control them, then instead of reciting lines, the hairstylist needs to liberate himself and escape.You must remain true. Our industry is truly magical. Our mission as hairstylist is to correct imperfections and make them beautiful. Hairstylists are illusionists even though I prefer the term  'promoter of natural beauty'.


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Hairstylist Amaryllis Hair Extensions : Hairdresser and relooking with hair extensions

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