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So Montmartre...

Welcome to Amaryllis in one of the most famous districts of the French capital ! Sabine & Bao have created an atmosphere that has something Brooklyn Boogie. There emerged a crazy energy, and a good mood contagious. They are not only interested in the hairs on the head, Amaryllis is also interested in the inner hair, hair of the soul ...

Full Moon Party !

Once a month, amaryllis is organizing an evening for the full moon. The program cuts and coloring, massages, DJ, champagne at will and full of good vibes ... So let you try and wake up your hairstyles !

Press review

Elle Magazine. "We want all extensions ... Amaryllis, a team of pros passionate ..."
French TV : Paris première . "Amaryllis focuses on domestic hair, hair of the soul ..."
Perfect Hair & Beauty Magazine . "Amaryllis is the reference in France in the field of extending 100% natural hair ..."

Women's Words ...

I will always I keep those pictures of my marriage with those sublime hair...

Virginie, Juriste :
I was dreaming for my marriage to have hair as long as in my childhood, unfortunately the time I had counted! I have found the site of amaryllis while surfing the net, and as amaryllis is my favorite flower, I thought it was a sign of destiny and I immediately went there! The atmosphere of the place, either at the Deco as the home was perfect, and I felt very comfortable! I was able to get in a few hours, hairs like princesses   for my wedding, and guests of the ceremony didn't see anything! I kept my extensions during my honeymoon in the Seychelles and believe me this contributes greatly to take for a mermaid! I am really very happy that they did, and still I keep these photos of my marriage with this sublime hair!

hairdresser paris hair extension

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